About Us

Bringing the salon experience to your home one set of nails at a time.

Hi! I'm Madeline! I own and run the Nails By Madz online store. I officially opened my website for business March 1, 2023.

I have been in love with art since before I can remember so I knew that's what I wanted my career to be based around. I've been painting my nails since I was a young child and I got my first ever set of acrylic nails at 14. I loved that the acrylics were stronger than any drugstore press ons I had tried before. From then on I started doing my own nails with Kiss acrylic kits. 

By junior year of high school (2020/21) I thought I wanted to be a nail tech. I was starting to dabble with polygel. Fast forward to senior year, I wasn't practicing nails as much, I graduated a semester early, and I took a year to adjust to adult life. I saw a video of a girl making press ons, and this may sound cliche, but in her video she said"this is your sign to start making press on nails" and I took that and ran with it.

I was very nervous about creating my own business and website because I had never done that before. It was a learning process but I figured it out. Somewhere I heard something along the lines of "if it doesn't scare you, you're not dreaming big enough" and I think about that anytime I feel nervous when it comes to my business.

Thank you for supporting small businesses :)

Nails By Madz is a sole proprietor company run and owned by me, Madeline.